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Why top-notch email subject lines matter...

Get your emails noticed by having the best email subject line.

Guaranteed Delivery

(to an audience who opted-in)

You are 40x more likely to get noticed via email than on Facebook. You have a captive audience who opted-in to your communication. They want to hear from you! Give them a reason to OPEN your emails.

Drve more conversions when users are more likely to open your emails.

Drives More Conversion

(than ANY other marketing strategy)

Email drives 6x more conversions than a Twitter post. Your email is targeted at an audience who CHOSE to follow you! They’re warm + ready and unlike your social platforms they are product aware.

Get more return on your investment when users are more likely to open your emails.

Gets More ROI

(and it’s gonna be around for awhile)

Email is cheap. The average return on investment per email is $38 for every $1 spent. That means, write a killer email, and you can start raking in the dough $$$

How To Write Powerful Subject Lines Backed By Data...

Step 1

Capitalize on subject line characteristics that CONVERT

Write like a human talking to a human, match your subject line to the content inside your email, AND don't be afraid to break the rules (throw convention + formality to the wind).

Focus on characteristics in email subject lines that CONVERT.
Step 2

Optimize your character & word count for increased opens!

Create scannable, easy to digest subject lines. The right amount of words—and characters—can make all the difference in your open rates!

Optimize your character and word count in your email subject lines.
Step 3

Harness the power of emojis.

在标题中使用emojiss to add a little personality and boost open rates by as much as 57%.

Harness the power of emojis.
Step 4

Always be testing!

Sure, intuition is nice BUT A/B testing tends to embarrass intuition (in a good way). Thus, whenever possible, create two varying subject lines and TEST those suckers!

Test your subject lines with the email subject line tester.

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