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消除猜测,超越你的审核n with Headline Studio.

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Want People To Read Your Content?

They’ll start with your headline. And that’s as far as they’ll get.

If your headline doesn’t convince your readers to take action, it’s meaningless.

Stop wasting time on headlines that don’t drive traffic.

Finally know how to write better headlines & drive maximum traffic.

On average, 5x as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you’ve written your headline, you’ve spent eighty cents out of your dollar.
David Ogilvy


Brings you millions of all-new, actionable suggestions that tell you EXACTLY how to improve your headlines.

Create better headlineswith tons of upgraded headline recommendations, resources, and inspiration—in just one tool.

And finally feel confidentthat every headline you write drives maximum traffic, engagement, and SEO rankings.

Write Better Headlines Guaranteed To Boost Your Traffic

When I started blogging, my headlines were pretty pedestrian. With Headline Studio, they sizzle. My SEO has improved as a result.
William Richardson

Analyze Headlines 10x Faster With 5x More Feedback.

Start writing next-level headlines that actually get seen, clicked, and shared with the help of Headline Studio.

  • Analyze headlines 10x faster
    with an all-new, time-saving algorithm.

  • Gain 5x more headline feedback
    with advanced analysis from thousands of data points.

  • Outperform competing headlines
    by making changes that boost your headline score.

  • Optimize headlines on any site
    where you write them with a free browser extension.


Score Your Headlines 10x Faster

Analyze more headlines, more quickly with an all-new algorithm. See which types of changes will strengthen your score based on proven data from 4+ million headlines.

Score headlines 10x faster in Headline Studio's Scorecard

Revisit Your Past Headlines

Access a history of your past headlines. Easily find, tweak, or reuse headlines that have performed well for you.

Review past headlines in Headline Studio.

Use Headline Studio Everywhere You Write Headlines

Wordpress Plugin

Connect your Headline Studio account to WordPress to score your headlines directly in the posts you write. Easily collaborate on headlines with convenient team access.

Score your headlines directly in the Wordpress posts you write.

Browser Extension

Download the free browser extension to use Headline Studio on any site where you write content. Seamlessly analyze your headlines right in WordPress, Wix, and more.

Get the Headline Studio Browser Extension to write and analyze side-by-side.

Trusted By More Than 1 Million Marketers

Their headlines are grabbing attention and growing results.
What are you waiting for?

GREATEST INVENTION EVER!! Yeah, I shouted that. Headline Studio has hooked more people to my blog. So, THANK YOU!
Mel A. Rowe, bestselling author
Even after 10 years of writing, I still get headlines wrong sometimes. Headline Studio helps ensure my headlines will work.
Laura Pence Atencio, Social Savvy Geek
I finally feel confident that I’m creating a great headline that will attract readers.
Dominica McGinnis, BridgeField Group

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Want Even More Headline-Boosting Capabilities?

Upgrade to Headline Studio Pro to unlock these 溢价features.

Headline AI

Instantly Write Click-Worthy Headlines

Headline AI generates dozens of creative headline options in seconds, so you can make your copy more compelling with less effort.

Use Headline AI to generates dozens of creative headline options in Headline Studio's Headline AI tab.

Improve Headlines With Data-Driven Suggestions

Instantly improve your score with smart suggestions based on millions of words. Feel confident that your headline is written to drive results.

Use smart suggestions to improve your headline score in Headline Studio's Suggestions tab.
SEO Score

Boost Your Search Rankings

Optimize your headlines for search engine results. Get SEO suggestions to help your headlines rank higher and reach a larger, more engaged audience.

Comparing your headline with current search engine results in Headline Studio's Competition tab.
Keyword Explorer

Find The Best Keywords

See the detailed performance data behind each of your keywords and find out which ones will perform best in your headline.

Find out which keywords will perform best in your headline.

Save Your Favorite Headlines

Star the versions of headlines you like best. They’ll stay at the top of your list so you can easily find and pull them into your content.

Star your favorite headlines in Headline Studio.
Word Banks

Find High-Scoring Words Instantly

Access a full thesaurus and power + emotional Word Banks, right inside Headline Studio. Easily find synonyms and alternate word options to boost your score and increase engagement.

Use the thesaurus to find new words, synonyms, and alternative words to increase your headline score in Headline Studio's Thesaurus.


  • How many times can I analyze each headline?

    Headline Studio allows you to analyze up to 25 versions of each headline. When you reach your limit of versions for a headline, you can use a new headline to keep analyzing.

  • What’s the difference between Premium Headlines and Standard Headlines?

    溢价Headlines are analyzed with premium features only available in Headline Studio Pro. Standard Headlines are analyzed with limited features in Headline Studio Free.

  • What’s the difference between headlines and versions?

    Versions are the iterations of each headline that you reanalyze. For example, you might write and reanalyze 10 different versions of a single blog headline before moving on to a different headline for another piece of content.

  • Can I try Headline Studio Pro before I buy?

    No, but you’ll receive 1 free Premium Headlines to try out when you start a Headline Studio Free plan.

  • How many headlines will I need?

    That depends on how much content you write. If you write 5+ blogs each month, we recommend a higher-headline plan. If you write just a few, try a smaller plan.

  • 如果我需要什么more than 60 headlines?

    Contact CoSchedule Support to increase your headline limit and get additional pricing information.

  • Can I switch to a different plan?

    Yes. To switch to a different Headline Studio plan, just visit the billing page in yourCoSchedule account.

  • Will my unused headlines roll over to next month?

    No. Your headline count will automatically reset to your monthly quota at the beginning of each month.

  • What happens if I run out of Premium Headlines?

    If you’re already in a Headline Studio Pro plan, your headline quota will reset at the beginning of the next month. If you don’t want to wait (or you’re using Headline Studio Free), upgrade your Headline Studio Pro plan.

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